ILT 1 and ILT 2 Courses

Both courses are accredited with ETDP-SETA and earn points for further qualifications in Special Needs Education.  They are also accredited with SACE for teachers’ CPD points.

Practitioner courses are offered to empower trainees with knowledge needed to recognise the possible causes of learning difficulties and initiating remedial movement and other activities in order to help.

ILT Level 1 is a course offered either as a 2-day (15 hour) introductory course followed by independent study at home, or a distance-learning (correspondence) course. It aims at raising awareness of the possible causes underlying learning and behaviour difficulties. Successful completion of ILT 1 is a prerequisite for ILT 2.

Our point of departure is an eco-systemic view of human development and functioning, making this a very holistic approach.

Focus during this course is twofold: we pay careful attention to the healthy development of those systems in the human body that support efficient learning and appropriate behaviour, and on testing for and addressing developmental delays through movement activities. Practical activities are demonstrated during the attendance course while demonstrations are given on videos for those choosing the distance option.

Following course attendance, applicants are expected to complete a workbook that requires study in own time at home.  Please note that the required study and the completion of the compulsory assignments takes considerable time.

A comprehensive manual as well as a CD containing relevant, compulsory reading material is supplied. The ‘Wired to Learn’ package forms part of this course so is included in the price.

For further details on the content of ‘Wired to Learn’ kindly click on the relevant button on this website.  This section of the course is available as a ‘stand-alone’ course for those interested. There are no CPD points for this course for those registered with HPCSA.  For teachers registered with SACE, the ‘Wired to Learn’ is worth 10 CPD points.

The Short Course in Neurodevelopment is also offered as a stand alone course. There is an additional cost for the Short Course Workbook completion and submission. Details available on request.

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ILT Level 2 is a course comprising theory and practice. Theoretical aspects are covered by distance (i.e. study at home) by means of 2 manuals, a study guide and 2 compulsory assignments. Following successful completion of these, a 7 day practical session must be attended where a NeuroEducational Evaluation Scale is taught to help in the identification of problem areas.

This course is practical in nature and applicants will engage in hands-on intervention with volunteer children. Following the course, applicants are required to submit case studies to show competence. Successful completion results in certification as an ILT Practitioner.  Average time taken to complete the course varies from 1 – 3 years.

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Training Dates and Venues

ILT 1 for 2022 

26 & 27 March

13 & 14 August





Pretoria applicants are encouraged to join the Johannesburg courses but if groups are requiring a course in Pretoria, we are open to organising one in this area.Pretoria

7 & 8 May


Courses may be added as the year progresses, including courses requested by specific organisations/institutions.

If these attendance dates are unsuitable, remember that you can register for the identical course offered over distance/correspondence. All coursework is delivered via email.

Cape Town
ILT 2 for 2022
Distance component of ILT 2 to be successfully completed before admittance to Practical component.

25 June – 01 July

10 – 16 December

26 June – 2 July

2 – 8 October



Cape Town

Cape Town


Dates may be amended due to various reasons.  Depending on numbers, more courses may be added during the year.


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