Nutrition not important? Bah humbug!

Those of you who are familiar with Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) will have realized that we take careful note of a child’s current diet as well as a history of eating patterns.  Most people discount this, believing that the fare on offer at supermarkets, restaurants and fast food outlets is acceptable and what people have always eaten – without consequences.  Many rely on ready-to-eat snacks, pastries, cakes and meals. Many believe that much of the food we give our children is healthy, such as muffins, crisps, dried fruits, fruit juices, fresh white bread and more.

This is contrary to evidence of what foods are good for the body and brain.  Time after time, we ILT practitioners see how changing a child’s diet brings about remarkable improvements in challenging behaviours, attention problems, mood, feelings of being unwell and ability to learn efficiently.   One of the first signs that we often see is that children appear calmer and more in control of themselves.

A combination of poor choice of food and overuse of some medications, like antibiotics, causes unpleasant side effects in a child’s systems, one being ‘leaky gut,’ which sees a breakdown in the integrity of the intestinal wall. This allows content from the gut to move into the blood stream, where it certainly doesn’t belong.  Symptoms of this often show up as a child who complains of not feeling well, being overly emotional, constantly tired and unable to focus on schoolwork.   A recent case study saw one (initially) sceptical mom returning with her child to report on changes after following a strict diet for one month. She said that she was surprised that her child had easily conformed to the restricted diet and neither complained about or resisted it. At this stage, the child turned to his mom and said “Yes, but I like that my stomach doesn’t hurt after eating anymore.”  This was the first time that mom had heard of this and she was surprised but also very pleased at the positive result.

So consider your child’s diet and your choice of what you feed your family.  There are ways of getting healthy foods onto the table in a short time. It might take a little research and planning but the rewards are great.   And if you are struggling, there are professionals out there to help.



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