‘Smart eating for smart brains’ by Dr Shirley Kokot. R200.

About this book: Children who experience learning and behavioural challenges are often labelled with a mental disorder, like ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder and many more. Rather than labeling the symptoms they display, ILT aims at uncovering the underlying causes of the symptoms. Part of this process is considering the health of the child’s brain and body. This is determined largely by what the child eats. The realization of the role of nutrition in learning and coping with the demands of life is growing. This book describes the role of food in learning and behaviour and gives guidelines for identifying and addressing food related concerns that may be preventing children from reaching their potential. As such, it is an immensely valuable contribution to the field of education.

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1. An example of a research study conducted into the efficacy of an ILT programme.

2. An explanation of the relevance and value of Mental Rehearsal to therapy.

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