How to recognise early signs of learning problems in children


From Medical X Press

Many children have difficulty with learning at some point, but those with learning disabilities often have several specific and persistent signs, which can start in preschool years. Recognizing them as soon as possible allows a child to get needed help and make better progress.

General signs include difficulty with reading, writing, math skills, understanding or following directions, paying attention, retaining information, staying organized or understanding words or concepts, including time, according to the U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

You or a teachermay also notice problems with behaviour, such as not responding appropriately to situations or when dealing with new things.

Signs of learning problems in pre-schoolers include starting to talk later than their peers, having a hard time pronouncing words and learning the alphabet, numbers and days of the week, extreme restlessness, difficulty interacting with their peers and following a simple routine. You might notice that the child struggles with rhyming words and that his vocabulary is slow to increase—one sign of this is not being able to find the right word when talking.

In primary school-aged learners, signs of learning difficulty might include confusing basic words, transposing or substituting letters, numbers and arithmetic signs, acting impulsively and even having poor coordination or being accident-prone. A child may be slow to learn or have difficultyremembering lessons.

The full version of this article appeared in Medical X Press this week and ended with the suggestion that an evaluation should be your first step in helping the child.  Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) is a good place to start because our practitioners look for the underlying causes of these symptoms, rather than looking at the symptoms themselves. For example, if a child’s reading age is found to be lower than expected, the question to ask immediately is not how to improve the reading but rather WHY the child is having trouble learning to read.


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