Your curious child – encourage those questions!


A recent study, published in Pediatric Research finds that the more curious the child, the more likely he or she will perform better in school, regardless of economic background.

Curiosity is driven by the pleasure gained from discovery. This drives the desire to explore and seek answers to the unknown.  We are all aware of the natural curiosity of toddlers – giving rise to the seemingly endless questions they ask.  To encourage school success, it may be worthwhile cultivating that curiosity during the school years.

Apart from helping to motivate learning, curiosity seems to help the child stay focused in class.  The researchers concluded that while promoting curiosity might foster early academic achievement – especially for children from lower socio-economic environments providing possibly less stimulation of an academic nature – further research is needed to know how to cultivate curiosity in young children. 

In the meantime, respond positively to those questions and try to encourage the early love of exploring and finding out about the world.



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